Fish Shooting to Exchange Cards for Entertainment Paradise and Great Rewards

Conquer huge rewards with Fish Shooting and Card Exchange. Explore this popular game to bring back lots of bonuses and entertaining moments

Shooting Fish to Exchange Cards is a game that is too familiar to fish shooting game lovers. Let’s learn about this game, how to participate and conquer valuable prizes from the house with just the extremely simple tips below.
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Why is Fish Shooting for Cards popular?

When it comes to fish shooting platforms, you have hundreds of choices. However, the Fish Shooting Card Changing game still receives the love and interest of players for the following reasons:

  • Top-notch graphics: This game offers eye-catching colors, images and animations that make everything more realistic, awakening the player’s vision.
  • Combining many skills: Playing fish shooting requires members to have concentration, quick hands, quick eyes and clear strategies to win. Therefore, this is one of the very good reflex training games.
  • There are many levels: Players participating in Card Fish Shooting will have many levels to choose from, arranged in order from easy to difficult such as Novice, Master, Ao Village or Ocean,…
  • Many rewards: Importantly, the game offers many valuable rewards if you defeat the fish. Rewards can be coins, gifts, and scratch cards or recharge card codes,…

Steps to participate in playing Fish Shooting and Changing Cards

To participate in this game, you need to choose a reputable playground for yourself. Currently, most bookmakers on the market have fish shooting games. New88 is the leading playground of this game series with top-notch graphics. To play fish shooting here, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your house account. If you don’t have an account, you can register easily in just 1 minute.
  • Step 2: You need to deposit money into your account to have the cost of buying bullets and participating in conquering the ocean.
  • Step 3: Go to the fish shooting lobby and select the Fish Shooting Card Exchange game to play.
  • Step 4: After entering the game interface, you exchange coins to buy guns and bullets and begin your journey to conquer the ocean.
  • Step 5: The rewards and coins you receive when shooting down fish can be exchanged for scratch cards. Take out your scratch card and enjoy your results.

The secret to playing Fish Shooting and Card Changing always wins for you

If you are learning about this game, don’t miss the content below to become a master on the fishing ground.

Choose a target of appropriate size

For the Card Fish Shooting game, you will see your targets in front of you and the larger the size, the higher the difficulty. So if you are new to the game, you should not look at fish that are too large. Because sometimes you hit a lot but don’t do enough damage to kill the fish, then it goes off the screen. You should also not aim at an object that is too small because it is difficult to hit.
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You should shoot in schools of small and medium-sized fish

The safest tip is to wait for schools of small and medium-sized fish. It’s much easier to shoot multiple targets around each other, increasing your chances of winning. There are small giants that only take 2-3 shots to defeat them. Although the bonus is not large, when added up it is not small.

Choose the right gun for the target

You need to determine in advance what size fish your target will be to choose the right gun to avoid waste or unreasonableness. In particular, you should not only use one type of gun during play. Prepare 2-3 types of guns and change them when your target changes to increase effectiveness.

Calculate the amount of bullets fired appropriately

All bullets for shooting fish are purchased from your own money, so use them effectively. When you see a target, you need to immediately determine how many bullets you will use to take them down. Absolutely do not shoot indiscriminately or shoot without identifying the target. This will make it difficult to shoot down fish and cause waste.

You also need to keep track of how many bullets you have shot at target A, target B, etc. and continue to aim for the targets that have been hit with the most bullets to keep the least number of bullets fired.

Practice playing the free versions

With the Fish Shooting Card Changing game, getting used to the interface and how to play is also very important. So you should practice playing the free fish shooting versions to gain more experience and find a reasonable playing strategy before depositing money to fight. Currently, there are many free versions of the game, you can download them to your mobile phone or computer to practice.

If you often play on mobile phones, you should also use mobile phones when practicing to get used to the feel of your hands. That will be very beneficial for you when accumulating playing experience, bringing easy victory.

Choose a reputable playground to participate in fish shooting to win prizes

Another very important secret is that you need to find a reputable playground to participate in betting. Because fish shooting requires very fast graphics, sound, and images, many playgrounds have poor transmission speed, causing the playing experience to be affected by lag.

Not only that, depositing and withdrawing money at reputable bookmakers also ensures your safety. At New88, the process of depositing money, buying coins, and exchanging rewards takes place in just 1 minute, bringing members satisfaction.

Quickly register an account at the leading reputable Fish Shooting Card Changer bookmaker in the Vietnamese market today – New88 to not miss the opportunity to conquer great prizes. Getting rich is not the same as the fish shooting game just with the above tips.

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