Forms of betting on cockfighting at online bookmaker New88

Online cockfighting is currently growing more and more thanks to the convenience of cockfighting matches being broadcast remotely so that players can sit anywhere and participate. This form of cockfighting has brought cockfighters closer together. In this article, let’s learn about different types of cockfighting betting New88 cockfighting.
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Learn more about online cockfighting

In the past, when the internet was not yet popular, it was common to bring your cocks to the cockfighting arena and fight cockfights. Many non-betters go to cockfighting arenas to watch the competition and place bets if they want. However, Vietnamese law is very strict in controlling all forms of gambling.

 As a result, cockfighting arenas cannot operate openly, and cockfighting and cockfighting enthusiasts face many difficulties. Soon after, online cockfighting, also known as online cockfighting, appeared to make it easier for players to play without having to go directly to the cockfighting arena. To put it simply, we just need to sit at home and watch cockfights streamed live on websites and bet on the cock that gives us a chance to win. 

This form of online cockfighting is extremely popular, with hundreds of thousands of people participating every time an online cockfighting livestream takes place. This form of online cockfighting is considered an online gambling game and should be updated on professional cockfighting websites as well as on bookies. Online cockfighting is no less interesting and attractive, attracting many players and becoming the most popular and loved online betting game in Vietnam in particular and the Asian market in general.

Forms of online cockfighting betting

Traditional form of cockfighting betting

The traditional form of online cockfighting is a unique gambling experience, attracting players with a sophisticated combination of the appeal and excitement of real-life cockfighting matches with the convenience of online technology. gland. 

Through the live platform, players can connect to ongoing cockfighting events from anywhere, from home to cafes or public areas. The exciting images and vivid sounds bring the feeling of sitting at a traditional cockfighting ring, with the birds hunting more than the taste of victory and the loud cheers from the passionate audience.

Varied odds and rich betting options provide flexibility for players, from choosing the cock they trust the most to more complex betting techniques. Limited betting time, promoting attractiveness and increasing tension in each match. All of these elements create a memorable and unique experience for cockfighting betting lovers.

The form of cockfighting is marked first 

Cockfighting is one of the most exciting and popular forms of cockfighting betting. In this game, participants will bet on the chicken they believe will win first place. The special thing is that each participating chicken will have something on its head, usually a fruit or another small object. Players will bet on the cock they believe will keep their head throughout the match. 

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This format creates a special tension, as players must evaluate each chicken’s abilities and place faith in their ability to keep things on their toes. Cockfighting brings excitement and challenge to cockfighting betting enthusiasts, and is often well received in the online gambling community.

Form of betting on cockfighting – online cockfighting

Cockfighting betting is one of the unique and interesting forms of cockfighting gambling. This game puts players in a tense situation, where the chickens will be placed in a narrow area with a knife spur attached to their leg, creating favorable conditions for a life-and-death fight.

In cockfighting betting, participants will bet on the cock they believe will win this fight. In general, these matches are quick and dramatic, as the chickens use their spurs to attack and defend.

This format attracts those who want to experience the challenge and thrill of betting in a tense and dramatic cockfight. However, as with all forms of betting, players need to do this responsibly and only use money they can afford to lose.


Online cockfighting is a new betting topic but is increasingly popular, especially among cockfighting lovers. That’s why bookmakers bet New88 cockfighting always brings players the most attractive and top-notch games.

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