Gambling Karma And Its “Retributions” That Make You “Goosebumps”

Normally,karma understood as a reflection of the relationship between good and evil in the minds of each of us. And for games that involve extreme red and black competition like today’s gambling. It is very likely that players will be caught up in fun and endless fun. That can cause many consequences that no one can foresee. Then gambling industry What is that ? All questions will be answered in detail and fully through this article New88.

What is gambling karma?

According to ancient concepts in Buddhism, karma is often created in the heart of each person. All of them have a serious impact on the fate and destiny that lies ahead. “Those who create karma will surely suffer karma” – This is Buddha’s teachings for everyone in everyday life.

As for gambling, this is a sign of the “degeneration” of people who are too passionate about each game of red and black. This leads to us having to suffer for a long time to come.

If you don’t want to suffer the karma of gambling, you should try to start cultivating your mind. This will prevent many dangers that must be encountered later.

Where does gambling come from?

It can be said that gambling is considered extremely taboo for many players today. So where does gambling come from? We invite you to immediately consult about the reasons for bad karma in the process of gambling today.

  • People’s excessive aggressiveness is the main cause of gambling karma. This is an easy thing that makes it easier for people to become misguided and lost than ever.
  • Debt also causes dangerous karma in today’s gamblers. Always makes us feel uncomfortable and unable to stay awake for any period of time every day.
  • Lack of confidence is also considered a reason why many people suffer from bad karma. When you often show worry and fear before making every important decision you make.

Retribution for gambling must be borne

When a player “accidentally” commits a gambling karma, be careful, because they will likely face many different consequences. With many risks that may seriously affect yourself.

Below are some risks stemming from gambling that appear in each person at the present time as follows:

Stimulating human greed

The heaviest gambling karma is nothing more than stimulating greed in every person. This is indeed very dangerous, always having a potential impact on the player. No matter what the circumstances, it is very difficult to avoid.

Because the ancients often taught that greed can cause people to lose their necessary reason. Easily commit many unforgivable mistakes. Of course, the consequences will be extremely unpredictable. If you don’t know how to restrain yourself at the right time.

Causes dissatisfaction and lack of composure

Emotions when gambling are also considered karma, which is extremely difficult to deal with for many people. Once on the gambling path, it is very difficult for players to immediately turn back. Maybe even the cruel, cruel side always lurking in my mind.
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Falling into heavy debt

As shared above, gambling can come from debt, which can also make the player more and more bogged down. With many huge debts accumulated over time.

When there are many people who are resigned and accept their own failure. From there, you will often have to shoulder more and more debts that arise during the gambling process.

What to do when participating in gambling today

To help players prevent gambling karma from appearing throughout their playing process. Of course, you also need to be careful and control your temporary emotions. Thereby ensuring the most absolute safety.

So what should you do when gambling? Please refer to the full details as follows:

Do good deeds regularly: First of all, to minimize the karma you have caused, you should try to do good deeds more often. This is considered an extremely effective solution for everyone at the present time. Because according to Buddha’s teachings, when we open our hearts to compassion, we will be able to release all the sorrows and problems in our hearts more easily.

Don’t put too much emphasis on winning or losing: And in order to minimize the karma caused by an overly strong fighting spirit. Players must not place too much emphasis on winning or losing during the gambling experience. To avoid stimulating the aggressive instinct in each of our bodies.

Just play for daily entertainment: If you are too addicted to gambling, absolutely do not participate with too much frequency. This should only be viewed as entertainment in everyday life. This will not cause any major, unwanted consequences.


Players want quit gambling there needs to be enough time. Only then will you begin to feel more calm, no longer feeling rushed and competitive with endless games. Especially without affecting work or daily life. Hopefully through the above article, you will somewhat better understand the karma you must accept. And know how to absolutely prevent yourself.

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